Leucophyta brownii IN PROPAGATION FOR 2022

Silver Bush

Cushion Bush

Barbed Wire Bush


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Small evergreen shrub from coastal area of Australia. Very salt and wind resistant, making a great plant for windy seaside gardens, can be frost tender in colder inland gardens and hard winters.

With their snowy appearance and a high tolerance of extreme environmental conditions, these adorable shrubs have become very popular ornamental houseplants as well as garden plants worldwide.  Mainly grown for its foliage but the plant does produce yellow flowers from late spring to summer, which are very attractive to pollinators.

They are usually grown outdoors, and it does best in a well drained position in full sun.  Do not allow to waterlog.

The silvery-white foliage is soft to the touch and will enchant you in your seasonal patio planters.

Height 70cm Spread 70cm