Lunaria annua READY MID JUNE

Honesty, Money Plant


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A beautiful hardy annual or biennial, with toothed, heart-shaped leaves, and large, open clusters of purple flowers in late spring and early summer, followed by flat, round, silvery seed pods. A prolific self seeder so a constant supply of new plants.  Very attractive to pollinators.

Looks fantastic especially in semi-woodland areas, where a more natural look is required.

Likes any moist but well drained soil in sun sun or partial shade.

Height 50cm-1m x Width 10 – 50cm


Seed heads are commonly used by flower arrangers.

The leaves can be collected and used as a green vegetable or in salads before the flowers appear..

The flowers can be added to salads.

The seeds can be used to make a mustard substitute which is strengthened by crushing and mixing with cold water.

The root can be peeled and eaten.