Ricinus communis ‘Impala’ BABIES READY

Castor Oil Plant


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This evergreen plant brings exotic structure to gardens in summer with its dramatic foliage. The bold, glossy palmate leaves, reddish-purple in colour, are the main attraction.  ‘Impala’ is compact and well-branched, often grown as an annual, but can be taken indoors to overwinter as a conservatory plants.  Clusters of creamy-yellow flowers in summer followed by round, maroon capsules covered in soft spines in autumn.

Likes a fertile well-drained soil in full sun. Stakes should be used if planted in exposed sites.

A native of tropical climates, ricin is usually grown as an annual in the UK and suits both containers and borders. Grow in containers in free draining, soil-based compost in full sun, or in a well-drained sunny border.  Plants grown on poorer soils tend to produce more flowers and the foliage is less abundant.

Height 1.4m x Spread 1.4m

All parts of Ricinus communis are highly toxic so it’s very important to wear gloves when handling – it can irritate skin and eyes.