What sizes are you plants?

Because I grow in coir pots, they are not a recognised size within the horticultural industry. The nearest I can come to an answer is, I grow in approximately 10cm plastic liners, which are transferred into coir at the time of sale. Plants grown in bigger pots are stated in the descriptions.

What are your delivery charges?

£6 Flat rate. Orders of over four plants are sent by Courier DPD. (Weekends and Bank Holidays can hinder delivery times). 4 plants and under are sent via Royal Mail, which unfortunately takes longer.

Is Planting the Coir Pot with the Plant Important?

Yes, when a plant goes out for sale, I personally select the plant. It is taken out of its plastic (used over and over again), at this point I can give the roots a check for any obvious problems, (only plants with good root stock leave). I will then loosen the root ball slightly and place in it’s coir pot, with extra compost and in many cases some feed to help it on it’s way and give it a good start when it is planted in your garden. All I asked is that you soak the plant before planting, to start the decomposition of the coir (which also adds nutrients to the plant and your soil), then keep new plants watered for the first few weeks in the garden (longer if we are in drought).

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