Allium tuberosum

Garlic Chives



These are very flavoursome, best described as halfway between ordinary chives and garlic. It’s broad, flat leaves can be used wherever you might use ordinary chives, or fried where you might use onions. The rest of the plant is also edible; the bulbs can be used like shallots and the flowers as garnish or mild flavouring.  Another use are the white flowers, produced in dense flat sprays have a delightful fragrance of old-fashioned roses, two or three pots on your kitchen window sill will perfume the whole room.

Produces a mass of white flowers in spring and possibly a second flush in summer. If growing for leaf use remove flowers as soon as possible.

Cut and come again variety. Cut leaves with scissors as required but do not cut before July in first year. When flowers start to fade cut the whole plant back to 5cm above soil to encourage further leaf growth.

Likes any moist but well drained soil in full sun but can tolerate partial shade,

Height 45cm x Spread 30cm