Cotoneaster x suecicus ‘Coral Beauty’ GROWING FOR 2024

Cotoneaster ‘Coral Beauty’
Cotoneaster dammeri ‘Coral Beauty’


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A dwarf low growing evergreen shrub that adds a splash of colour to the garden year-round. The arching branches of this low-growing, decorative ground cover shrub are covered with small glossy green leaves. In spring and early summer, small white flowers are produced which develop into orange-red berries, all surrounded by the foliage which turns to a reddish-brown in winter, the berries will provide colour for you and attract birds to your garden.
Can be used in a rock garden, foundation planting, or as a ground cover in areas that you do not want to have to maintain constantly. On a slope it can help to control erosion it is particularly useful as decorative ground cover.  Use in areas where you can let it spread,  lighty pruning when necessary to remove dead wood or maintain shape..
Likes any well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

Height 50cm-1m x Spread 1.5 – 2.5m




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