Dalefoot General Purpose Wool Compost * LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY *

Peat Free Wool Compost




30 Litres.

We are proud suppliers of this brilliant compost.  It is best to pick up directly if you live locally.  Please give me a call and I can organise either delivery or pick up.

This compost is a real alternative to peat – with a similar soft texture. Made from totally renewable resources with great environmental benefit to help you garden more sustainable.

Sheep’s wool has a high level of nitrogen that works as a slow release fertiliser and has good water retention. Bracken gives a high level of natural potash essential for fruiting and flowering. Also has a wide range of naturally occurring trace elements for good plant health.

The idea for this compost came from the old gardening books that talked of wool’s natural ability to hold water to itself, and provide long-term nutrient release. Wool is still famously used to grow ‘Rhubarb’ in Yorkshire.

  • Fill your pots, tubs and hanging baskets loosely with the compost
  • Water well before use
  • Plant bedding or well rooted seedlings direct into the compost
  • Can also be used directly in planting pits to supply plants or shrubs with a perfect start
  • Use to fill your raised beds for perfect vegetable growing
  • Does not require the addition of fertilizers or plant feed