Iris foetidissima

Stinking Iris



An evergreen perennial with glossy rich green leaves and small, yellow-tinged, dull purple flowers during summer followed by large pods opening to show bright orange-red seeds, which persist into winter.

Although beautiful up close, the flowers are rather insignificant, but, this shade-loving iris comes into its own in winter, with berries that brighten dark corners and feed the birds.

Stinking iris’s ability to thrive in extreme dry shade means it’s particularly useful for, the base of a hedge or for dark, areas that only see a sliver of sunlight. Its tolerant nature means it is also unfazed by the battering of seaside weather.

Cut back any damaged foliage when required (unlike the picture I have had to use for this)!

Likes any well drained soil in full sun, partial shade or full shade.

Height 50cm – 1m x Width – 10cm – 50cm