Meconopsis ‘betonicifolia’

Himalayan Poppy


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Not the easiest plant to own, but well worth the effort.
A most impressive plant for the shade garden forming a rosette of hairy leaves, and flowers in an amazing shade of true blue.
However these beauties are not always easy to please, demanding an evenly moist, rich soil and cool woodland conditions.
Meconopsis grow best in the cooler and wetter areas of Northern England and Scotland and are a challenge in the South. Even a few days of bright sun in dry conditions will scorch plants in unsuitable sites.
They require a humus-rich, moist but well-drained, slightly alkaline to slightly acid soil. More important than the pH is that the soil has plenty of organic matter.  Plant in partial shade with shelter from cold, drying winds. They are particularly suited to woodland gardens but also do well in moist, shaded beds.

Height 90-120cm x Spread 30-60cm