Ruta graveolens GROWING FOR 2024

Common Rue


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A fantastic, summer flowering herb with deeply divided, aromatic foliage. Unusual, bright yellow flowers are produced in upright clusters throughout the summer. Evergreen when grown in sheltered spots, semi-evergreen or deciduous if exposed to frosts or cold winds.

Ruta or rue is a powerful herb of ancient pedigree, once used for a wide assortment of medicinal purposes, but now grown mainly as a decorative plant. The subshrubs make handsome bushy plant with dense ornamental foliage, evergreen in sheltered spots, semi-evergreen or deciduous where exposed to frosts and cold winds. Be careful as all parts of rue may cause severe discomfort if ingested. Always wear gloves when handling it, as the foliage may cause a bad skin reaction.

It is a fully hardy and should be grown in full sun in a well-drained soil.

Old wood should be cut back in spring to maintain its compact and neat growth habit. Wear gloves when handling as may cause a bad skin reaction.

Height 1 – 1.5m x Spread 0.5 – 1m




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