Tropaeolum speciosum IN PROPAGATION FOR 2023

Scottish Flame Flower


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A beautiful exotic looking climber, bearing blooms in bright vermillion red which appear throughout summer in a rich explosion of colour. The vibrant blooms are followed by spherical blue fruits set against a backdrop of attractive dark green foliage.

This stunning climber prefers a cool, sheltered position and will create a spectacular sight when grown through mature shrubs or scrambling over low walls.

Grow in a sheltered position in sun or semi shade, prefers a non-alkaline (acid), fertile, moist soil with its roots shaded from the heat of the sun. To improve moisture retention, add plenty of well rotted manure to the soil prior to planting. Support the stems on trellis or wires, or allow them to scramble through mature shrubs.

This is a plant that prefers the cooler regions of the North of England and Scotland.

Height 3m x Spread 1.2m